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Sales of Goods and Services: We represent companies and individuals seeking payment, or who are being sued, for the sale of goods or for services performed.

Promissory Notes- We represent those who are seeking payment on a promissory note. We will make demand for payment, file suit and obtain a judgment on your behalf. We also represent those who are indebted on a note but who have a dispute with the Holder of the note.

Commercial Debts- We represent businesses seeking to collect payment for services rendered or goods sold. We also represent customers of businesses who have disputes over services or sale of goods contracts.

Real Estate Leases- We represent Landlords and Homeowners seeking to collect payment of rental obligations and for damages to property. We handle both commercial and residential lease claims. We also represent both commercial and residential tenants who have disputes with their landlords.

Construction Agreements- We represent contractors and sub-contractors seeking to collect payment for materials or labor furnished on a project. We file suit to obtain judgment on the amounts due and also handle materialmans lien claims. We also represent land-owners and homeowners who are involved in a construction dispute with a contractor or renovator.

Judgment Collection- We represent individuals and businesses that have been awarded a judgment. We utilize the most efficient means of collecting your judgment. We garnish wages, bank accounts and other income. In some cases we utilize levy of property. We will also record a judgment lien on property owned by the judgment debtor.

Small Claims- We represent individuals and businesses who are suing or who are being sued in small claims court. Note: The Magistrate Courts of Georgia are authorized to hear claims not exceeding a $15,000.00 damages threshold.

Insurance Subrogation- We represent individuals being sued by an insurance company for damages. These damages may stem from an auto accident, a house fire or type of claim.

Lien Law- We handle all types of lien cases including: mechanics liens, materialmans liens, judgment liens (Fi.Fa.) and abandoned motor vehicle liens.

We represent businesses and individuals involved in business disputes. We handle cases involving breach of contract, disputed invoices, promissory notes, construction agreements, negligent construction, commercial leases, commercial accounts, sales of goods and services, small claims and lien law.

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