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Protecting Your Interests In A Construction Defect Claim

When you hire out a building designer, contractor or other professional to work on a home or other building that you own, you are taking a significant financial risk. If everything goes to plan and the professionals you hire do a good job, there is no problem. But if they make critical errors, use poor quality materials or cut corners, the outcome can be extremely costly to you. As a property owner, you might not be a construction expert or a legal expert, so you might not know what you can do to protect your rights against construction defects. What options do you have? Can you be compensated for the extensive losses you’re facing as a result of negligent construction?

At The Evins Law Firm, LLC, we can help. With over 25 years of experience, attorney Richard F. Evins and our team serve clients in the Atlanta metro area and throughout Georgia in all types of construction defect claims. We can look at your case, give you sound advice about how to proceed and advocate for you aggressively to make sure that you obtain justice and compensation if someone else’s poor work has proven to be costly to you.

Common Construction Defects

We represent clients in claims involving:

  • Design defects: If the design of the structure is faulty, the best construction in the world won’t make the structure acceptable. Building designers and architects are responsible for creating building plans that will be stable, up to code and reliable. When they fail to create acceptable building plans, it will be extremely costly for the landowner, and the designer should be held responsible for these losses.
  • Construction errors: There are many housing and construction defect claims that involve errors in the construction process. General contractors or their subcontractors will use shoddy materials, cut corners in their processes or generally do a poor job of putting things together in the construction.
  • Materials defects: Similar to design, if the materials used are unacceptable, the best contractors and subcontractors in the world won’t be able to make the structure acceptable. Poor or defective materials lead to frequent construction disputes.
  • Foundational issues: Perhaps the most costly issue that a property owner can face is foundational cracks or other problems with the foundation of a building. The major problem with foundational issues is that they usually require tearing down the entire structure to fix the problems, which can be catastrophic for a property owner.
  • Utilities issues: In some cases, plumbers, electricians and other subcontractors dealing with utilities hookups can make errors that can be costly and potentially dangerous for anyone inside the structure.

Any one of these issues can be extremely expensive for property owners. The general rule of law is that the contractors and subcontractors performing these duties have a professional responsibility to perform their jobs to a bare minimum standard. When that standard is not reached, they are to be held liable for the costs and damages incurred by the property owner.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

At  The Evins Law Firm, LLC, you will find a lawyer committed to helping you obtain compensation for the losses caused by construction defects. We can negotiate a settlement on your behalf or bring the case to court if that will yield a greater reward for you. Call us at 770-592-2780 or email us for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.