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Georgia Consumer Lawyers Defend Targets of Debt Collection Suits

Effective assistance for clients in the Atlanta region

EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC represents Georgia consumers who have been sued because they ostensibly owe money to creditors. Unlike bankruptcy lawyers, we work to reduce or even eliminate your debt obligation through negotiation or litigation with your creditor rather than seeking a bankruptcy court’s intervention. Too often, people fail to obtain the legal help they need because of fear and uncertainty. There is no reason to be embarrassed about being in debt, which often involves extenuating circumstances such as illness, divorce or unexpected job loss. If you are in the Atlanta area and face debt collection litigation, we can show you a way to address and overcome your current financial circumstances.

Knowledgeable advisors answer your debt questions

Don’t let creditors and their attorneys intimidate you into paying more than you should. In a free consultation, EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC can explain your rights and provide personalized advice on questions such as these:

  • Can’t I just handle this on my own? — We don’t recommend this approach. If you make a mistake, it can be costly. Our attorneys know how to communicate and negotiate on your behalf without inadvertently saying something that harms your legal position.
  • Is it better to ignore the lawsuit? — If you fail to respond to the complaint, a default judgment will likely be entered against you, and countering the case against you will become much more difficult or even impossible. Once a judgment is entered, the court can authorize severe measures such as property liens or wage garnishment.
  • How will consulting an attorney help me? — We are your front line of defense, protecting your legal rights against debt collectors and lawyers. Our aggressive attorneys provide prompt, straightforward advice about the possibility of case dismissal without payment on your part.  If we don’t believe that a dismissal is likely, we can negotiate a payment plan or settlement that you approve. Call us before you pay a debt collector one dime.
  • What type of attorney’s fees will I pay? — We understand that obtaining relief from a debt issue is not helpful if the money instead goes to pay a law firm. EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC offers reasonable fees and can meet with you to discuss how hiring us can improve your overall financial outlook.

We assist clients with all types of debt cases, including those arising from student loans, credit cards, medical bills, mortgages, and car payments. Whether the creditor at issue is a bank or a debt collection company, the EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC can help.

Contact a Georgia debt collection defense lawyer to schedule a free 30-minute consultation

EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC represents clients in consumer law cases and debt collection defense. Please call 770-592-2780 or contact us online for a free 30-minute phone consultation. From our Woodstock office, we serve clients throughout the greater Atlanta area.