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At The Evins Law Firm, LLC, we know how important it is for us to understand your legal concerns, circumstances and personal values to develop a strategy that allows us to achieve your objectives. For almost two decades, our founding attorney, Richard F. Evins, has been providing nuanced legal representation to clients throughout the Atlanta area. With an eye for detail and compassion for your needs, he will craft a legal strategy that moves you toward your legal goals.

A Fierce Litigator With A Passion For Your Future

When legal disputes arise, the stress and emotional strain can be overwhelming. At The Evins Law Firm, LLC, we are devoted to helping you resolve your legal issues so you can put them behind you. Whether your legal matter rises out of a disagreement related to a business contract or a real estate deal gone wrong, we know what it takes to resolve conflict and achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Our highest priority for both businesses and individuals is maintaining mutually beneficial relationships and understanding the objectives of those we serve. In an ever-changing landscape, we strive to remain nimble and adaptive so we can best serve your best interests from beginning to end.

Your Trusted Legal Adviser Now And In The Future

We do not define success merely as a favorable outcome in one particular matter. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with you so we can help you with any legal challenges you face down the road. Strong legal counsel can mean the difference between a favorable outcome and one that falls short. No matter what type of legal issue you face, The Evins Law Firm, LLC can help assess your situation and make an informed decision regarding how to best proceed.