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Construction Defects & Contractor Disputes

Our Georgia Attorneys Represent Clients In Matters Concerning Housing and Construction Defects

Our firm assists clients who are experiencing construction defects in a residential or commercial property, or disputes with a home improvement contractor. We also handle litigation involving negligent inspection by home inspectors. Our experienced attorneys will walk you through the requirements of Georgia’s Right to Repair Act, which is a law that governs construction defects. We also deal with illegal liens filed by contractors. Call our office to speak with one our experienced attorneys today. 

Housing Development
Contact our The Evins Law Firm so that our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys can help you with your contractor dispute!  We can help.

The Evins Law Firm, LLC in LaGrange represents clients throughout Georgia in contractor disputes, housing and construction defects. Call us at 770-592-2780 or contact us online to schedule your FREE initial phone consultation.

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