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Business Litigation

As Georgia business litigation lawyers, we deliver strong advocacy for our clients. Our law firm assists clients in a wide variety of matters in the Atlanta-area.


The Evins Law Firm, LLC represents both businesses and individuals involved in commercial disputes. We aggressively enforce the legal rights of our Atlanta-area clients in conflicts arising from contractual disagreements, debt collection, disability accommodation and other matters. Our attorneys are equipped to handle complex matters for plaintiffs and defendants in both Georgia and federal courts. Our firm is focused on obtaining the best result possible, enabling you to move past the litigation and thrive well into the future.

Our Attorneys At Our Woodstock Location Handle Contract and Collections Lawsuits

Whether your case involves an unpaid obligation or a disagreement over contract performance, we are strong advocates in all types of business litigation, including:

  • Sales of Goods and Services — We represent companies and individuals seeking payment as well as those who are being sued for goods sold or services performed.

  • Promissory Notes — Our attorneys advocate for promissory note holders who have not been paid as well as parties who are indebted on a note due to a dispute.

  • Real Estate Leases — The Evins Law Firm, LLC advises residential and commercial landlords to help them pursue unpaid rent and compensation for property damage. In disputes over lease obligations, we represent both tenants and lessors.

  • Construction Agreements — Firm lawyers handle payment and contract disagreements arising from construction projects. When necessary, we can file suit to obtain judgment on the amounts due and also handle materialman’s lien claims.

  • Judgment Collection — If you or your business has been granted a judgment, we use the most efficient means of collecting it completely. This can include garnishment of wages, bank accounts and other income. In some cases we will obtain a levy of property or record a judgment lien on property owned by the debtor.

  • Small Claims — For cases adjudicated in the Magistrate Courts of Georgia due to alleged damages under the $15,000 threshold, we advocate for individuals and businesses.

  • Insurance Subrogation — Our firm represents individuals being sued by an insurance company for damages. These damages may stem from an auto accident, a house fire or another type of claim.

  • Lien Law — We handle all types of lien cases including mechanic’s liens, materialman’s liens, judgment liens under Georgia’s FI. FA. writs, and abandoned motor vehicle liens.

In a free, 30-minute phone consultation, the Evins Law Firm, LLC can provide the knowledge and advice you need to face your legal challenge.

Defending against claims arising from the Americans with Disabilities Act

We defend businesses and companies being sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act. These types of cases are being filed against dozens of businesses throughout Georgia. These matters often turn on interpretations as to what type of accommodation is reasonable in a certain circumstance, so having a seasoned ADA litigator on your side is essential for a favorable outcome. Our experienced attorneys can help you determine the right approach to take in defending your company and fighting for its legal rights.




The Evins Law Firm, LLC represents clients in all types of business litigation cases. Contact a dedicated Atlanta-area business litigator to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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From our Woodstock office, we serve clients throughout the greater Atlanta area.

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